The renowned former player of the Barcelona, Gerard Piquéapparently he is quickly getting bored of his relationship with the young model Clara Chiaand contrary to her, she has preferred to spend her free time with her two children, Sasha Y Milan.

The children of the former team defender, product of his relationship with the singer ShakiraThey are sharing with their two parents, since as a result of the divorce of the ex-partner, in a judicial agreement the time that they would share with each one was established.

However, and although it would be believed that the relationship between Pique Y Clara Chiathe product of infidelity to the singer, was going well, the opposite is proven, since there are already several Spanish media that confirm constant crises between the two.

This time Pique he preferred to spend a special date in total calm, and away from his girlfriend, opposite to that, he shared with his children Sasha Y Milanand other relatives on the end of the year date.

The athlete celebrated the beginning of the year 2023 at his house Gironawhere they celebrated and toasted without the presence of chiaIn addition to this, the player participated in the inauguration of the Football League 7where he was seen only with his children, despite the fact that his girlfriend was the one who accompanied him to those events.

Some sources claimed that this event occurred because Shakira He imposed a measure so that his children do not share with their father’s girlfriend, but the soccer player’s lawyer denied this, accelerating rumors of another possible crisis for the couple.