Gerard Piqué continues to be a hot topic of conversation on social media, especially now that it has been revealed that he was apparently unfaithful to Shakira Y Clara Chia with a lawyer, who is a relative of one of his ex-teammates from Barcelona.

the paparazzi jordi marti recently confirmed that Gerard was seeing a third woman while begging Shakira to get back with him and while dating Clara. This time we are talking about a 23-year-old girl who also lives in Barcelona and is a relative of a friend of the former soccer player.

Julia Puiggali is cousin of Riqui PuigGerard’s former teammate at Barcelona, ​​​​and apparently they met through a coexistence in which they had parties at parties and meetings as part of the soccer team.

The 23-year-old studied law and has a master’s degree in criminal, financial and corporate compliance, so her life has taken a big turn since she was involved in this scandal, because before this she lived off the radar of the press and the paparazzi, but all this changed.

It should be noted that the young woman made her Instagram account private after spreading rumors of an alleged affair with Gerard Piqué, which for many was irrefutable proof of his involvement in the ex-soccer player’s love triangle. But others believe that Julia Puiggali he was actually a victim of media scrutiny simply to sell entertainment tidbits.

gerard would have started dating the young lawyer before breaking up with Shakira and during the beginning of his relationship with Clara, this was reported by the local and foreign media.

The encounters, which are believed to have been only casual, began when Gerard was still living in Shakira’s house and continued until he began a relationship with Clara Chia, also 23 years old, which caused a rift between Piqué and his current girlfriend, for which it is suspected that this was the reason why Clara decided to leave the house where she lived with gerard to go back to his parents’ house.