Gerard Piqué He is again a trend on social networks, and this time he has received millions of criticisms after posting a photo with his new girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti.

It seems that the former soccer player has not had enough of the trials he has received after his controversial separation with Shakira, and the infidelity he committed against her. The former player has preferred to continue receiving criticism, after posting a photograph with the woman who was unfaithful to the relationship of 12 years.

Shakira has capitalized on months of controversy by releasing three songs specifically for the couple, particularly their latest track “Music Session #53«, where with short phrases and double meanings he refers to his ex, and his new partner.

For their part, Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía have had to take on attacks in various settings, and ridicule from their co-workers. The former defense must also answer for different lawsuits related to his company Kosmos.

But far from avoiding further controversy, the couple decided to publish a photo where they look “very much in love”, the photograph that has millions of comments and reactions, has gone viral because, according to some followers, this would be another step in the relationship, while Others point out that it was an order from the woman in order to defend her from attacks, and finally show her off officially.

«That’s to cover up the affair with the lawyer! How predictable Piqué«, «I don’t know what’s worse if she’s feeling proud of this or bitches following the little game. God!«, «¿Aren’t you angry that you still have photos with Shakira?«, «Hahahahahaha he had to take a photo to give Clarita peace«, «Poor Clarita, clearly karma will come to their lives», among thousands of other comments.