Football player Gerard Piqué he has forbidden his girlfriend Clara Chia share with their two children, the fruit of their relationship with the Colombian singer Shakira.

Gerard Piqué It continues to be the topic of conversation on social networks due to the different controversies to which it has been associated. Apparently the songs of Shakira They continue to have an effect on the Spanish, and the followers find any reason to attack him.

The relationship between the player and the model, which began as the product of infidelity over the months, has become more formalized, although, something in which the father of the minors is not yet in full agreement, is that his girlfriend spend some time with them or that they know her. The former defender of Barcelona prefer not to talk about their relationship with their children.

Since the separation of the singer Shakira and Gerard was discussed, he has been seen in the company of his children, who seem to be his highest priority. However, there was little news about how the children of Shakirathe relationship with his father’s new partner.

«For Milan and Sasha, their father’s girlfriend is just a friend.“, reported the medium Mamarazzis. According to the reporters, what he wants least Gerard Piqué is that their children of 8 and 10 years, find out the truth, as he recognizes that it would cause deep sadness in them.

For this reason, although the relationship has become more consolidated, Gerard is careful when he has to deal with his children, and preferably tries to get away from them. clear while staying with them.