To the controversial exfutbolista of the FC Barcelona, Gerard Piquéthe rumors about his love life continue to be added, and it is that he himself gives the press and the entertainment media something to talk about, this time for a dinner in a busy restaurant in Barcelona.

In the latest edition of a well-known podcast from a Catalan newspaper, he revealed that Gerard Piqué was seen on the day February 14th entering a renowned restaurant in the area with his two children and a woman who was not Clara Chia Marti.

They reported that they were eating ‘creps’ with Milan and Sashahis children aged 10 and 8, with whom he spent the afternoon of February 14, but in their company was a woman of unknown identity, who they assured was not his current sentimental partner, Clara Chía Martí.

Meanwhile Shakirarecently published another video on their social networks, where the artist is shown mopping the floor while singing a part of the song ‘kill bill‘ of SZA. “I might kill my ex, not the best idea. His new girlfriend is next”, which the majority affirms is another ‘puja‘ for the former defender.