Gerard Piqué He is tired of the criticism and monitoring by paparazzi, and through social networks he has strongly attacked him with a comment that many have criticized.

After the media separation of the singer Shakira and the player Gerard Piquémany paparazzi have tracked down the ex-soccer player to keep fans informed of his steps, however there is one that causes extreme discomfort in Gerard.

Jordi Martina reporter who has followed the trail of Shakira Y Pique From the beginning of their relationship, apparently the player has been besieged, so tired of his vigilance, with a state he stopped the persecution of Jordi.

Everything happened because recently Jordi Martin posted a screenshot on his social network instagramwith a message that expressed: «my best friend watches me“Referring to Shakira’s ex. Apparently Piqué has been stalking the reporter’s stories to be aware of what he publishes.

And before the publication where the evidence remains, the follow-up of gerard towards the paparazzi, Gerard posted a message on his account Twitter: «Leave the drugs, cocaine is very fucked up«.

However, many followers of Gerard Piqué criticized his publication and gave their views on the matter, “Gives a lot of laughter and embarrassment«, «Even to insult you are basic«, «You hate him because he looked at you when you were unfaithful to Shakira«, among millions of comments more.