Gerard Piqué, 35-year-old, unexpectedly appeared on social media over the weekend with her first official photo with clear Chia Marti23, both smiling in the photo, which has been interpreted as a hint at Shakira’s provocative song with Bizarrap, but now the former soccer player is once again the headline thanks to a message to a paparazzi.

the paparazzi jordi Martinwho has been following the issue closely for some time between Shakira Y Piquehas not hidden his dislike for Spanish, even dedicating a few tweets to him, including one that apparently angered Gerard, as Martí uploaded a screenshot of one of his stories to Instagram, where he realized that Piqué had viewed.

My best friend watches me.

It was the message that accompanied said photo, but Gerard was not left without doing anything, so he decided to reply:

Leave drugs. Cocaine is very fucked up.

Something that Internet users did not forgive, since he received very negative comments in response to such a response, some of them were:

Pique, you are projecting your pain, you must be in the phase of hating your lover, every time you look at her you remember your ruined family is the way of life.

Even to insult you are so basic, time to train the brain too.

Since it became known that gerard he was unfaithful to Shakira It has been in the headlines of national and international newspapers, for this reason you must be careful with all the actions you do.