Gerard Piquéformer player of Barcelonahas recently revealed in an interview how he is treated by his girlfriend Clara Chia Marti. He claimed “to be his puppet.”

The relationship of the couple that began as an infidelity has had to endure several controversies on the part of the fans of Shakiraex-partner of Gerard Piqué, who confront them for committing treason against the Colombian.

Despite the ridicule and criticism, the couple has moved on, but very little was known about them, since they have been away from the media, preferring to avoid any statement about their lives.

However, little by little they have provided little-known information about their private life. A few days ago, the couple had a conversation with a reporter for the first time while they were walking through the streets of Barcelona, ​​and today another very important aspect was revealed, since Gerard Piqué claimed to be the puppet of his girlfriend.

In a live broadcast during a program of the kings leagueGerard was expressing to Ibai Plains, renowned streamer, because he was dressed in such a casual way. «It’s my fashion, it’s my style. We are in a world where everyone can dress as they want.«.

But Ibai wanted to know more information and I question him: «Out of curiosity, do you see what is fashionable or not?«, and there Piqué made the clarification: «No, the truth is that I go with my girlfriend to the store and she buys it for me, you know? I’m your puppet«.

Obviously, the Spanish’s confession has caused millions of interactions, among those who criticize Clara Chía for being old-fashioned and those who exalt her commitment to Gerard Piqué.