Gerard Piqué continues to dominate international headlines after the news of his romance with Clara Chía Martí, following the end of his relationship with the Colombian singer Shakira.

Although it is said that Piqué usually spends a lot of money indulging his partner, it is now reported that the Spanish sportsman will no longer be able to do that.

Clara Chía lives a life of luxury after starting a relationship with Pique, since the journalist Jordi Martin reveals that the ex-soccer player gave his partner a mansion valued at 4 million euros.

Although we have seen that the relationship between Pique Y Clara Chia has grown in recent months, according to the newspaper yucatan, The soccer player cannot give his partner more luxury gifts because he is going through a serious economic crisis after breaking up with Shakira.

A few days ago, photographs of the couple appeared at the Barcelona airport while they were preparing for a romantic trip to Prague, however, according to Diario de yucatan, the couple would have opted for a flight economic or low-cost instead of a private flight, as was the case before, the portal also ensures that they no longer go to luxury restaurants in Barcelona.

The portal indicates that the financial crisis of Gerard Piqué, started because your company Kosmos is bankrupt, likewise, the footballer will no longer be able to pay his expenses and the generous gifts to Clara Chia following a recent legal dispute with Shakira.