The former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué, is receiving strong advice from his close and legal circle, who insist that he should proceed to legally sue his ex-partner, the Colombian singer, dancer and songwriter Shakira, for having exposed his two children without their consent in the video of his most recent song, ‘Acrostic’.

According to what was reported by the journalist Pepe del Real, who has given the scoop in The Ana Rosa Program, has ensured that the equipment legal de Piqué was finalizing the details of a lawsuit that he was going to file against his former partner, whose points he finalized last Tuesday by phone with his main lawyer, Ramon Drummer, and that he will possibly communicate soon to the Colombian star.

“Piqué does not want war, but Tamborero is insisting that he report it,” he added Antonio Rossi, explaining the position in which the former footballer of the Barcelona Fc. However, there was also talk of the agreement that both made when defining the custody of Sasha and Milan:

«The current agreement does not contemplate the issue of exposure of children in this context. Shakira’s lawyers are very calm, because it is not contemplated.

Given this scenario, Pepe del Real do not believe that at this time the sportsman be willing to proceed legally against Shakira for exposing your children, since it would be more inconvenience that you would be facing and that could affect you financially.

In addition, there is also the legal scenario of the USA, which is totally different from Spain, and the one Gerard Piqué does not fully know how to proceed to sue Shakira without knowing what might await him later.