Gerard Piqué and his ex-partner Shakira They have had their first reunion, after the enormous controversy created by the singer’s recent song «Music Session #53«.

The couple who separated in the year 2022 after 12 years relationship, it would not have been on good terms. The reason for the breakup was infidelity on the part of the former soccer player, for this reason the singer took the opportunity to use her professional career against him, releasing several songs with hints towards him, and the woman causing the dispute.

However, after the last song, where Shakira launched the most controversial phrases against Piqué, the former couple would not have been close.

But in previous days the couple had to meet in person because Piqué had to pick up their two children. Sasha Y Milan, at Shakira’s house.

The Spanish media described the sad meeting of the couple, Piqué was seen arriving in his conventional car, not the Twingoand he was very serious.

Apparently the woman from Barranquilla wanted her to wait a bit at the door, while the reporters asked her questions that she refused to answer, simply and as a way of taking refuge, she kept her eyes on her cell phone.

«Gerard Piqué has remained silent and has been looking at his mobile, hoping that time would pass as soon as possible to pick up his children as soon as possible and leave the place“said the newspaper The vanguard.

Pique He showed himself with a more serious attitude than when he made a live broadcast, where he gave away brand watches Casio to his companions.