The ex-footballer Gerard Piqué Y Clara Chia apparently they want revenge Shakira for their recent song and the multiple attacks generated, and they will do so by consolidating their love in a wedding that could take place on a very special day for the Colombian.

The controversy generated by Shakira with the song he created alongside the Argentine producer bizarreand that it would have quite a few hints towards Piqué and Chía, apparently it would have negative consequences precisely on a very special day for the singer.

It has been known that days after the release of the song, Clara Chia He has admitted that he was looking for a way to get even for the criticism that has been generated by this, and that apparently they have generated several anxiety attacks that have had to be controlled by health professionals.

Everything indicates that Clara Chia I would be planning a wedding with Pique the same day as the Colombian’s birthday, that is, the day February 2in order to overshadow the singer’s day as much as possible and that, contrary to having a celebration, it is a sad day for her.

According to the predictions of different Spanish media, the new couple would be specifying even the smallest detail for their great celebration, which could take place this or next year on Shakira’s birthday.