The media have revealed on February 4 that, Gerard Piqué and clear chiaThey have decided to live together again, but this time there is a rule that must be followed to the letter.

Laura Fa and Lorena Vázquez, better known as the «mamazzi«, they have made a note in «The newspaper» in which they reveal that the controversial couple would have moved into Gerard’s apartment, which is located on an exclusive street in Barcelona.

That is the property to which Gerard Piqué he went to live at the time of his breakup with the famous Colombian singer, Shakira.

It is known that they wanted to make this decision a while ago, but they expected Shakira to move to the United States, but due to various complications, the Barranquillera has not been able to move, however, Gerard and Clara decided not to wait any longer.

It is ensured that when Gerard Pique meets his children, Milan and Sasha, Clara Chía will not be able to be present, nor share with them on other occasions, this because the children are not fully aware of the relationship they have his father with Clara.

According to the media, the children see Clara as a “simple friend” of their father and that to prevent the children from feeling bad it is better that they still do not know the whole truth. This would be one of the reasons why Shakira wants to leave the country, in order to better protect her children.

Do you think this rule is superfluous or do you consider it correct?