the famous couple Clara Chia Y Gerard Piqué They continue to talk about, since it was expected that both would spend Christmas together after they Shakira will travel to Dubai with her two children, Milan and Sasha to spend Christmas there, however, everything indicates that this was not the case.

According to Spanish media, the 23-year-old did not want to leave her family and her Christmas parties in the exclusive area of ​​Barcelona where she lives, so she ohe wanted to spend Christmas with his parents and let Gerard Piqué celebrate with yours.

All this shows that the young woman, in addition to enjoying her exclusive events, is a very familiar girl, so on this special day she will not stop visiting her parents, not even for her beloved Pique.

For his part, the former soccer player went to spend Christmas with his parents, as it was the first Christmas Eve that he was alone and separated from his children, whom he shares with Shakira, yes, according to the divorce agreement with Colombia, gerard It is up to him to spend time with the children on December 30, in order to celebrate the new year.

The passionate couple met after the celebration organized at the home of the parents of Clara Chia, According to sources familiar with the matter, the young woman shared some time with her in-laws before being alone again with Gerard Piqué.

The couple will enjoy a few days of tranquility, while Shakira organizes all the preparations to take his two children to live in Miami, which could lead to new confrontations with Pique, since the singer plans to take them early, with the excuse that classes start on January 5, however, Gerard Piqué he wants them until the celebrations of «Kings Day«, a situation for which the response of Shakira.