The current couple made up of Gerard Piqué Y Clara Chia Martiapparently they have among their plans an attack back to Shakirathey plan to file a lawsuit against the singer.

The woman from Barranquilla recently released a song where the attack was undoubtedly against her ex-partner Gerard and the woman who caused the fight in the relationship, Clara Chía.

Which means that for this song and the attacks on the couple, Pique and Chía can sue the Colombian but they would do it legally, since in recent days it was known that the model of 23 years I would be very affected by the song.

Despite the fact that the song has broken records on the largest music platforms, the question arose as to whether the couple would take legal action against Shakira for denigrating her dignity, and according to sources close to her, the plan to kill off the Colombian is ready.

But the lawyer Gerard Piqué I would have advised him not to proceed before the mother of his children, since the lyrics of the song do not go against any Spanish law, and also does not specifically mention their names, so a legal claim would not make sense.

Even so, the singer should be careful in this type of controversy, since the custody of her children is at stake and she could easily lose it, which means that Sasha Y Milan They would take advantage of this and go with their father Gerard Piqué.