Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia Marti they fear for the progress of their relationship, after learning about the new attack that the Colombian has prepared Shakira.

The relationship between Spanish dand 35 years and the model of 23which began as a result of infidelity committed towards Shakirahas been plunged into different controversies day after day from those who still do not accept the relationship.

Despite the fact that in front of the cameras they have shown themselves to be very happy and affectionate about their relationship, according to several Spanish media, the couple is afraid of how they can continue to develop their relationship, given that the criticism does not end.

Added to this, the simple fact of coping with a relationship in the midst of criticism has become quite a difficult challenge, even more so when Shakira announces the release of new songs, because as evidenced in the artist’s previous songs, the inspiration for the lyrics comes from the infidelity committed.

The revelation of new details of the couple and the betrayal would be the main topic that makes nervous Gerard Piqué and Clara Chiasince they know that this would generate new attacks by the followers.

Although for now they have tried to have a relationship «normal«, or at least it is what they allow to know, the new attacks of the singer could cause a separation of the current couple.