Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia They have been expelled from a luxurious restaurant in Barcelona, ​​and the reason has surprised their fans.

The controversies towards the couple do not cease and, on the contrary, every day they face new disputes, surely due to the betrayal they committed towards Piqué’s ex-partner, Shakira, when they began their relationship.

Once again, they have experienced a painful and uncomfortable moment, after they were expelled from a restaurant in the city of Barcelonawhich is why their fans have made the couple a trend on social networks, but not for a good reason as they would have liked.

A video circulates on social networks where the couple is seen leaving very upset towards their truck, and each one quickly gets into their position, after leaving a famous Japanese restaurant in Spain, where the owner himself took it upon himself not to serve them. , but to drive them away from the restaurant.

Everything would happen because the owner of the restaurant is a big fan of Shakiraand like millions of followers, he has not welcomed the beginning of this relationship that occurred due to betrayal.

The comments on the video did not wait and thanked the owner of the place for removing them: «If I were in his place, I would not have taken them out, I would have put all Shakira’s songs on them«, «The restaurant owner is more faithful to Shakira than Piqué himself«, «They are paying their karma«, «it was very well done«, among other comments of criticism and thanks.