Gerard Piqué He surprised everyone with his statements in a recent interview, in which he spoke about his ex-partner and mother of his two children, Shakira. The founder of the kings leaguemade an unexpected change of tone in the interview when he was asked who was the most famous person and with the most followers on his contact list, to which Gerard responded by stating that Shakira is the most famous person and with the most followers on his contact list. contacts, between people who have nothing to do with football.

The response caused surprise and confusion on social networks, especially in his current girlfriend, Clara Chiawho has been the object of hints in the songs of Shakira.

Although later Piqué clarified that he was talking about Instagram followers and that they had nothing to do with the world of football and tried to divert the conversation towards Cristiano Ronaldosaying that in the world of soccer this would be the person with the most followers that he has in his contacts.

This change of attitude on the part of Gerard Piqué It occurs in the midst of an intense controversy in which he, Shakira and their lawyer have been involved, after an agreement was reported that the former couple would have reached to prevent Clara from seeing and sharing time with the ex-partner’s children, Milan and Sasha.

Furthermore, the jealousy of Clara Chia they seem to have been ignited again by the words of the former soccer player. However, in the interview Piqué also spoke of his new partner in a joking tone, which caused a new stir on social networks, since Internet users say that he could be looking for an approach to Shakira.