Gerard Piqué and his girlfriend Clara Chia They answer for the first time the questions that a journalist asked them about their romance, this was the couple’s reaction before the cameras.

After months in anonymity and away from the press, the couple that until today seems to be more consolidated, gave their first words to a Spanish reporter who inadvertently asked them some questions, without waiting for the answers they would give. gerard and clear.

This is added to the first photograph published by the former player of the Barcelona in your account instagramwhere he presumed his relationship with the model 23 years. Its purpose seems to be to consolidate their relationship much more, before the millions of fans who criticize them.

The couple was caught walking the streets of Barcelonawith a much more smiling face than on past occasions, and very holding hands.

«Europe Press» was the medium that was able to establish a conversation with the couple while they were walking through the streets. When asked by the journalist, the couple was very funny and did not understand much of the alleged rumors that would have arisen these days.

The journalist greets them, and then asks them how they have been clear before the anxiety attacks of days ago, before this Pique It is questioned “Caught an anxiety? Oh really? An anxiety?«, and between the two of them laugh uncontrollably.

Then he questions him about Clara Chía’s birthday February 7th and Gerard Piqué with laughter answers him “Tomorrow is the birthday? But what do you say? It’s not tomorrow“Finally, the reporter questions him about his thinking about the Christmas parties. Shakira and Clara, who answers this time, says “But hey, it’s normal.”

Immediately afterwards, the couple continues on their way and enter a building, still holding hands, while they say goodbye to the reporter very kindly. The couple have shown that they are no longer afraid of going public, and they make it clear that their relationship is much more grounded than before.