Gerard Piqué was seen walking hand in hand with Clara Chia Marti in Barcelona on his birthday, February 6, where a journalist took the opportunity to ask them questions and the only thing the couple did was deny the news and make fun of it, but apparently on February 7 it was recorded again, in this time taking their children home.

Gerard Piqué was captured by the cameras on Tuesday night in front of the house of his ex-partner, Shakira, while he left his two children, Milan and Sashaat home, but this fact is being highly criticized on social networks.

From what can be seen in the video, Gerard Piqué At no time did he intend to help his children get into the house, much less help them get their things out of the vehicle, where thanks to Milan we can see that there was a heavy suitcase in the trunk of the car.

According to the media in charge of sharing the video, they assured that Gerard Piqué was too uncomfortable to be outside the house of Shakira and for that reason the only thing he wanted was to leave the place as quickly as possible. Such was the rush that the ex-soccer player did not realize that he had the trunk of the car completely open, this because his son forgot to close it.