The fans of the Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo have confirmed that their relationship with the influencer and model Georgina Rodriguez is not well at the moment, unleashing all kinds of comments on social networks thanks to the cold attitude that the two showed in their most recent event.

Cristiano Ronaldo was presented this Tuesday as a new player of the al nassr in Saudi Arabia, a signing full of controversy and many contradictions, since in previous years the player had made fun of a player who had gone to play Qatar.

However, this was not what most attracted the attention of this new stage of the expert in taking penalty kicks, but the sour attitude he showed with his current partner Georgina Rodríguez and their five children.

The attitude between soccer player and the model is giving a lot to talk about since both those present, as well as those who followed the presentation from other countries, witnessed the coldness that existed between the two.

This coldness had already been made clear in a video that the young influencer shared on her official Instagram account, in which she gives her nothing more and nothing less than a luxurious ‘Rolls-Royce’ To her boyfriend.

With these tests, the couple’s fans now confirm that the relationship is not going well or is ending at the moment. Still, neither has issued a statement regarding their issues.

And you, do you think Cristiano Ronaldo Y Georgina Rodriguez are they going to separate?