Dude, that was beautiful.

“Probably the most beautiful goal in life,” Plavšič blurted out, waiting for the competition for over a year. He last made his mark for Sparta last April against Opava.

Then in the slip after Adam Hložek’s pass. A dozen hits, let’s say.

But this time … The low Serb directed Slavia to victory with a fantastic shot.

It was almost half an hour after the visiting goalkeeper Filip Nguyen ran far beyond his penalty for the home kick, but he misjudged the situation and just moved the ball towards the Plavšič in the bow.

He let the balloon fall on his chest not far from the home switch and then leaned into it with a weaker right hand.


“I couldn’t hit the balloon with my left hand, so I tried it like this. Fortunately, it turned out well, “smiled Plavšič, whose volley flew from a good thirty-five-meter-high arc to the exposed net.

“It hit it brilliantly,” coach Jindřich Trpišovský smirked in front of his charges, but he admitted with a laugh that after Plavšič’s treatment of the breasts he did not believe a bit of an imaginary candidacy for the goal of the year.

“It simply came to my notice then that he was trying. But no, he surprised us because he hardly uses his right hand. I thought we would finish the situation differently, that we would go into open defense, and he would choose this solution. Ingenious. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a nicer goal. An incredibly beautiful kick, “the coach continued.

Stanislav Hofmann from Slovácko, who went behind the shot to the goal line in a futile effort to miraculously save the situation, appreciated Plavšič’s skill.

“When it fell into the gate, I nodded appreciatively. To hit it like a left-handed man … We scored a goal, but we have to appreciate how he did it, “remarked Hofmann, whose coach Martin Svědík rebuked goalkeeper Nguyen for a bad run.

“Cheap, very cheap goal. Filip then caught something there, but at this crucial moment he helped Slavia, “Svědík regretted. “His mistake simply affected the match,” he stressed.