December 18, 2022, 02:30 – Public News Service – OSN

Commander of the Operational Command “South” of the Armed Forces Ukraine Andrey Kovalchuk made a statement that offensive actions of the Armed Forces should be expected in the near future RF, expressed in “millions” of military. He shared this point of view on the air of the Sky News television channel.

It follows from his statement that the Russian Federation should expect “full mobilization”, after which a million-strong army will be introduced into Ukrainian territories. He noted that Kyiv should prepare for this.

He specifically pointed out his own confidence that the Kyiv regime will definitely be able to cope with this if it is supported by Western allies.

“If Putin conducts a full mobilization, our partners are ready to provide us with all the forces and means in order to stop not a 300,000-strong army, but a million-strong army. We need more collective weapons – not a machine gun, but a machine gun, not a projectile, but a cluster munition, ”said the military. He stressed that support would certainly come.

The general shared information that the Armed Forces of Ukraine consider the start of offensive operations from Belarusian territory in the spring to be real.

Recall that the employees of the DPR representative office in the JCCC shared information that militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out an artillery attack attack to the Kyiv district of the capital of the region.

The text of the publication says that five shells were fired at Donetsk. Information about this is distributed in the official Telegram channel of the department.

Earlier, the Public News Service reported that the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation were successfully striking in the zone NWO M-777 howitzers, known as the Three Axes, which the Ukrainian army receives from the United States of America.

The publication says that one of the combat vehicles was destroyed near the Kyiv-controlled settlement of Chasov Yar, which is located on the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic.