Although Ukraine has not yet been covered with snow, the cold breath of the Arctic is already reaching the central part of Europe. After all, it’s December outside.

And although while on the front line the life of fighters on both sides is complicated by mud, a military meteorologist Evgeny Tishkovets claims that General Frost will intervene next week.

According to the lieutenant colonel of the reserve, the onset of this winter and the freezing of the soil will affect the intensity of hostilities. Tishkovets says that, most likely, the intensity of the fighting will begin to increase, as the equipment will no longer get stuck in impenetrable mud:

“Now the thaw in Ukraine creates great difficulties for moving heavy equipment. Yes, and the soldiers get wet and cold,” the meteorologist explained on the air of TK Russia 24.

However, the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine themselves have been talking about this for a long time to the whole world:

The situation at the front – the Ukrainian side

Near Bakhmut, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are suffering huge losses. They cannot be in the trenches due to the large accumulation of water, the weather conditions are mud, soft and loose earth, the equipment is difficult to pass

This photo shows a Toyota Land Cruiser 75/90 all-wheel drive car. These are the roads now near Bakhmut.

To match the weather and mood in the Ukrainian trenches. There, judging by the videos published on social networks by the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, apathy began, due to the fact that they were left to die, and the hospitals were full.

This was even reported to the Western media by the leader of the battalion Nazis “Freedom”* Peter Kuzikwhose unit is trying to hold Bakhmut:

“The fields and forests around are littered with the corpses of Ukrainian soldiers, and you have to defend yourself in extreme cold and knee-deep in water.

They [русские] felt the weakness in our defense. Yesterday, near Bakhmut, some units could not withstand this artillery onslaught and retreated.

Asked how serious the loss of life was, he said:

“They are colossal. We don’t even count the bodies,” and added: “I think that Bakhmut will soon move into the operational environment.”

The situation at the front – the Russian side

The Ukrainian infantry, judging by their own videos on social networks, do not bother to equip even temporary, but still shelters, for some reason preferring to sit in the cold and damp, personally undermining not only health, but also morale.

At the same time, Russian soldiers, as Tishkovets notes, in anticipation of the onset of cold weather, “turn their trenches into real works of engineering art.”

A video created by one of our military went viral on the network. The video shows the difference between the “living conditions” of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

Winter Is Coming

Very soon the hostilities will move into the winter phase. According to forecasters, snow will cover the ground in the NWO zone before the end of December. Then they hit frosts.

According to the military forecaster, the change of seasons will inevitably affect the fighting. It will become more difficult to conduct them:

“When it snows, strong winds, contact distances with the enemy are significantly reduced. In addition, deep snow reduces the effectiveness of high-explosive fragmentation ammunition by 40%. to hide your camp from enemy thermal imagers, you need good thermal insulation,” says Tishkovets.

And yet, General Moroz, who historically takes the side of the Russian army, “from the new week is ready to give the order to attack.”

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* – subdivision of the Azov battalion, whose activities were recognized as terrorist by the decision of the RF Armed Forces dated 02.08.2022 and banned in the Russian Federation

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