Life StyleTech Former politician Irina Khakamada published a photo in a swimsuit

Ex-politician Irina Khakamada showed off her figure in a swimsuit. She took bikini photos on the beach in Dubai and posted them on social media.

I’ve worked, I take the sun and suddenly I’ll take it home,” the celebrity wrote.


The life coach recently wrote about her diet on her personal blog. She admitted that for a long time she has been eating only once a day to maintain her figure.

According to Khakamada, when she eats dinner, she always gains weight, so she decided to give up late meals.

However, she warned her followers not to blindly follow her diet regimen as it was specifically tailored to her over the course of several years.

In addition, Khakamada also plays sports, walks a lot, swims and does other physical exercises. According to the celebrity, she constantly improves herself and considers the ballerina Galina Ulanova to be the standard of beauty and grace, writes “”

Khakamada has two biological children: 45-year-old son Daniil Kotlyarov and 26-year-old daughter Maria Sirotinskaya, who was born with Down syndrome. In addition, the ex-politician raised a stepson from her second husband, who moved to the United States and is now involved in the IT business.

It was previously reported that Maxim Galkin* prohibits spectators from filming him at his own concerts. Details in the material Public News Service.

*Recognized in Russia as a person performing the functions of a foreign agent.

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