Entrepreneur and lobbyist Michal Redl from the Hlubuek case has been unrealistic for a long time. Redl is also involved in the current corruption case of the transport company, the police are even considered the head of the group.

The investigator has only one decision: the court decided to turn around, or according to them, he behaves like a healthy hunter and lives his life as if he were the first.

At the same time, he has been listed as unproven since 2014. For the first time due to impunity, the entrepreneur in the past avoided punishment in another case.

Tinctho May of this year was heard by an expert and assessed. Its primacy was limited to a period of five years, according to the verdict, and an available contact was set up for me, Petra Pavlkov, a chairwoman of the district court in Pilsen, informed.

Denk N reported on the verdict on Monday.

A former colleague of Radovan Krej is threatened and for twelve years old for founding an organized criminal group. In the case of corruption in a transport company, there are and a dozen defendants, including Redl’s close associate Pavel Kos.

Redl has been working for STAN politicians since 2017. The resigning Minister Petr Gazdk, who resigned, was in contact with Redl. Due to acquaintance with Redl, MEP Stanislav Polk suspended his membership in STAN.

The police say that the current case could affect the order in the Prague transport company could revolve around Redla and he could even act as head in the case. Redl had the group’s activity to conduct two apartments in the center of Prague, distribute bicycles and distribute salaries from salaries. He was threatened with this for ten years.

Redl had to ask the court to approve the marriage with his current partner and outside the pensions I have at my disposal. How long his status of impatience remains is in the stars.

Petr Hlubuek in the hands of the police