The YES movement should work in front of its own doorstep, one of the accused mafia is its sponsor. Such information, which the sarkastitjm tnem, was released into the world by the departing Minister of the Colonel Petr Gazdk. His report is nevertheless a little more appreciative, Zakara Nemrah is a sponsor of YES, as is the former Foreign Minister and legendary People’s Party Cyril Svoboda.

Zakar Nemrah’s name on the Hlda sttu server states that he directly and indirectly supported the YES movement.

Among the detainees in the Dosimeter case is the sponsor of the ANO movement, Zachara Nemrah. In holy heat, with us, YES calls it a mafia, they probably missed it, wrote a Gazdk account.

In fact, the description of Zakari Nemrah as a YES sponsor is somewhat misleading. Babi’s movement was not supported by him as a natural person, but the Czech Dubai Expo 2020 Business Council from Nemrah was one of only a few supervisors of the board.

On Hldai sttu, his name is as strong as an indirect supporter. The former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the KDU-SL, Cyril Svoboda, who was even the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors at the Czech Dubai Expo 2020 Business Council, has the same information on the server.

Petr Hlubuek in the hands of the police

Both financial donations of one hundred thousand were sent by the movement’s company in 2015 and 2016. In addition, Zakara Nemrah was not present at the second financial donation, as he was a member of the board’s supervisor from autumn 2014 to autumn 2015.

It is logical that the organized crime STAN will catch you everybody. In this case, however, it is a stellar absolutely out of ter. Mr. Zakara Nemrah was not the owner at the time, nor was he on the company’s board of directors, but he was only one of only the supervisory board. Moreover, at that time there were no signs that he was a member of the Mafia structures, said Jan Richter, the main manager of ANO, for TK.

In addition, according to the public register of government contracts, Zakara Nemrah did not trade with the state in any way. Companies associated with it have begun to shrink public procurement in the last year. Another was the situation in Prague, with which Nemrah had been in conflict for the past few years.

Petr Gazdk, the chairman of the STAN movement and a longtime former chairman of the STAN movement, appears in the Hlubuek case as the one who telephoned Michal Redl with the help of an encrypted telephone and communicated with his party colleague Polk with the help of this telephone. The farmer also lied that he had never been on holiday in the Alpch with Michal Redl and Pavel Kos, accused in the case of a tunnel transport company in Prague.