Gavin Leatherwood and Ross Lynch have been working together for several years, the boys became much closer during the filming of the series. Netflix “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, they were constantly going for walks or spending the afternoon together in their respective apartments.

The photos that are on the Internet make it clear that the boys have a relationship full of trust, this of course delights the fans, who do not hesitate to leave comments supporting their friendship. Although during the last year they have not been seen sharing much, Gavin leatherwood stated in an interview:

“I really can’t say enough about Ross. On Witching Hour it was the first time he and I had a scene together. It was such a fast paced yet memorable day filled with lots of laughs. Every time, for some reason, we looked into each other’s eyes, we laughed. It was a pivotal moment, really dramatic, like, ‘well, we’re totally screwed.’

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This is how fans have created several theories due to the way in which the 28-year-old actor addressed Ross lynch. Many began to believe that they have a much closer relationship than a friendship, with this, users have constantly asked the artists on their social networks if they are boyfriends.

Gavin Leatherwood confirmed that Ross Lynch is his boyfriend through a series of ‘Questions and Answers’ he made on his personal account on instagramthis revelation completely shocked fans, who do not know whether to believe that they are actually in a relationship, or Gavin was being sarcastic.