The young Spanish footballer Gavi, I would be leaving for free Barcelona Fc due to different conflicts that you have with your contract and the value that it would really have, but that the company would not be evaluating. However, this would not be your only problem, since the Princess Eleanor, who has the 18-year-old as a crush, would be devastated by this news.

In recent days, a great scandal has been generated in the Spanish Professional Soccer League, and it is that the young soccer player Gavi is facing big problems in his club because of a problem in his contract with the law.

The league He has presented a document in the Court that tries to prevent the player from registering in the first line of Barcelona. And if the sports entity ends up winning that resolution, Gavi could end up leaving the team he leads for free Xavi Hernandez, despite the fact that in reality his quota is worth around 100 million euros.

This situation keeps the media and part of the public in that country very tense. But clearly, there is someone in particular who would be very concerned about what is happening, and that would be the Princess Eleanor.

As many of us know, the Princess of Asturias She would be very interested in the athlete, to the point that she considers him her Crush and a potential future partner.

However, if the young Gavi leaves Barcelona FC, he would be abandoned. Spain to look for a future in another European team, something that would distance him even more from the daughter of the King Felipe VI and that is what she precisely does not want.