The young and popular Spanish footballer Gavi It has been a trend in recent weeks on social networks, after rumors of a possible romance with the Princess Eleanor, daughter of the King of Spain, Felipe VI.

The scene that Princess Leonor and the footballer Gavi have left in the Spanish press and media has been very large. Rumors of a possible romance made the front pages of newspapers and websites, and the public already had their new favorite couple ready.

However, none of these rumors have been confirmed, but it was learned that the Spanish royalty could have allowed a romance of this nature.

Giovanna Gonzalez, program reporter Socialite, He has been the first person to be able to ask Gavi and the rest of his teammates in the dressing room of the Spanish soccer team about the alleged romance that both have had.

How would you like to be the future King of Spain? How do you deal with the jokes that claim they call you ‘The little Prince’? What is it like to have the boyfriend of the Princess of Asturias?.

The reporter asked the soccer player Sarabia about romance, but this only outlines a smile and does not clarify the doubts. Daniel Olmo He ignored the question and dedicated himself to signing autographs for the fans who came to the international airport of Madrid decks.

For his part, Gavi managed to hear the journalist from afar ask him if he will be the future monarch of the Iberian country. However, the footballer reacts by putting on the hood of the sweatshirt that he is wearing and smiles slightly without making any statements.

The doubt of a possible romance between Gavi and the princess eleanor therefore it has not been revealed, but we will have to continue waiting until new evidence is found.

Despite this, it is said that the footballer would already have a girlfriend, who has not been seen publicly nor is her name and identity known.