Just when people thought that the love story between the soccer player, Gavi, and the princess eleanor had come to an end, today he was reborn again and stronger than ever, since according to the Spanish media, the player has decided to abandon his football life for the love of the princess eleanor.

After weeks of rumors about whether there was any kind of feeling of Gavi to the princess Eleanor, The answer is already more than clear, since according to the Spanish media, Gavi advertisement officially his retirement from soccer for the year 2024 and thus be able to formalize the relationship with the future queen of Spain.

The news about the retirement of the Barcelona player have not been taken in the best way by Internet users, since they assure that he has a great future in the football field and for this reason it is hard for them to believe that they will lose one of their youngest players with a promising future on the field, meanwhile the team’s board will continue trying to convince the player to reach an agreement, but it is clear that the position of the midfielder is very fixed and it seems there is no going back.

It seems that the love he feels for the daughter of the Kings of Spain is much stronger than him Love for the footballsince the news becomes stronger when it was announced that the team managers would already be looking for a replacement for Gavi.

To clarify all this news, it is known that the news came to light on December 28, this being April Fool’s Day, for this reason the information given by some media is false, but not all clarified it at the time, This fact undoubtedly caused fear, sadness and a lot of anger at a possible withdrawal of the player from the field of play.