Princess Leonor and the soccer player Gvi have undoubtedly had a hectic week regarding the courtship rumors that surround them, and that is that according to the Spanish press, the young royal has developed a crush on the Barcelona midfielder and starting player of the national team Spain.

This is how he revealed that he carries a notebook covered with Gavi’s photo and asked his father to travel to Qatar to get an autograph from the 18-year-old boy. The King Philip He fulfilled his daughter’s request and even implicitly let it be known that if the boys ever developed a relationship, he would support them.

But, in order to start a formal relationship with Princess Leonor, Gavi he has to give up his career as a soccer player and dedicate himself strictly to the institutional work that is developed through schedules by the Spanish royalty. This situation does not like Gavi at all, who loves soccer fervently.

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On the other hand, it was learned that the boy found out about the courtship rumors and said that he did not like the princess, since he is currently in an open relationship with another girl. Of course the princess eleanor he felt bad about the rejection and according to the Spanish press, he was heartbroken.

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