Gasparyan reacted to the verdict passed by the court in Kyiv

Journalist, member Public Chamber of Russia Armen Gasparyan stated that the court’s decision in Kyiv the verdict did not surprise him, he treats it with irony, reports RIA News.

According to him, the only thing that caused bewilderment was why they waited so long. The publicist indicated that the case was considered at the tenth meeting, although usually they are considered all together and quite quickly.

The second point that surprised Gasparyan concerns the confiscation of property. The journalist noted that the Shevchenko court of Kyiv was not aware that, according to the decree Vladimir Zelenskyproperty that was never on Ukrainewas confiscated in October last year.

“I treat it with irony. I hope the verdict will not affect my professional activities in any way. Although this, of course, is funny, because we haven’t even seen the court’s decision yet,” the publicist added, pointing out that he learned about the decision from messages on the Internet.

Previously, the Ukrainian news agency “Ukrinform” conveyedthat the Kiev court sentenced Armen Gasparyan in absentia. He was found guilty of, among other things, promoting claims about the failure of Ukraine and was sentenced to ten years in prison.

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