With the premiere of the new film «Barbie» the curious detail has been known that the model gal gadot She would have been perfectly the protagonist of this new live action, but for some reasons of force majeure she had to reject this important role.

The film, which has already revealed the first official trailer and which will be released in July, is already considered a total success because the talented Australian actress and producer margot robbie is shown as the protagonist of the film; however, in an interview for the magazine VogueMargot assured that she was not the one who was going to give life to this iconic doll in the first instance.

Among the favorites to play this character were Amy Schumer and Anne Hathaway; however, as the date for the election of candidate Margot Robbie approaches and Greta Gerwig they believed Gal Gadot was a perfect fit for the role”Gal Gadot is just Barbie energy, she’s just beautiful, but her authentic character and kindness keeps you from hating her for it, she’s genuine and so kind that it borders on naiveté, it’s like being on the edge“, expressed the actresses.

And although she was the most chosen to perform this role, unfortunately the «Wonder Woman” had to turning down this important leading role due to the various film projects with which she is quite committedincluding the iconic role in the DC Cinematic Universe.

Hurting the absence of this beautiful actress, Margot Robbie (Barbie) in the company of ryan gosling (his Ken), aim for a blockbuster in this story that seeks to engage audiences of all ages.