Big fan of Manchester United Tyson Fury criticized the team’s players for their performance last season

Tyson Fury unhappy with Ronaldo's role at Manchester United

Tyson Fury unhappy with Ronaldo’s role at Manchester United / Photo: Collage: Today

famous boxer Tyson Fury recently announced his retirement from professional boxing. Now the Gypsy King can pay more attention to his favorite club – Manchester United.

Last season, the Red Devils were not particularly pleased with the results of their fans. According to the WBC heavyweight world champion, it’s all about the coach and some players who imagine themselves to be stars. Inherited from the scandalous boxer and star striker Manchester United Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Many people blame managers, coaches, but in the end, Manchester United has too many prima donnas. The best thing that could happen is to figure out what’s going on. They need to be lowered to the ground.

Them need someone strict like sir alex fergusonwho will tell them what to do. And if they don’t listen, he’ll say, “This bench is for you, I don’t care how well you play or how famous you are. You don’t play until you decide to work hard.”

It’s good news that Ronaldo is staying. But here’s the theory: when he wasn’t there the season before last, Manchester United finished second in the Premier League, and with Ronaldo we finished sixth.

People will say, “Well, if we didn’t have Cristiano scoring 20 goals, we would have finished much lower last season,” but we didn’t and we finished much higher.

When you have a superstar like Ronaldo, everyone relies on him to score goals. And if it were not for him, they would have scored goals themselves, as in the season before last.

I’m not saying he’s a bad asset, he’s great, but sometimes a star player overshadows the team and the youththey have no chance to prove themselves, because the “great Ronaldo” is on the field,” Fury quotes Mirror.

Recall that at the end of the championship of England, Manchester United finished in an obscenely low sixth place in the Premier League standings. At the same time, Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo became the team’s top scorer, scoring 18 goals in the Premier League.

Cristiano Ronaldo - No. 1

Cristiano Ronaldo – No. 1 / Photo: REUTERS

By the way, myself Tyson Fury turned out to be a fake pensioner. The promoter of the world champion Bob Arum has announced the duel of the Gypsy King with Briton Joe Joyce for October. After this fight, in case of victory, Fury will meet with the victorious rematch Usyk – Joshua.

Instead of fighting Usyk, Fury will fight Joe Joyce

Instead of fighting Usyk, Fury will fight Joe Joyce / Photo: Collage: Today