Anyone who has ever tried to make bread, at a time when the first bread can not only make amateur bread. And imagine that you have to go there with a sweet and salty filling, you only have two hours to do it and you have time to get a decoration made of fruits and vegetables.

How did Markt, who had been a hell of a week during the competition, deal with it, last time, Jana twice and Lucie and Martina each time? Who in the penultimate round won black Peter and in the finale, who esk television revenge on saturday may 14 do you forget me And what can all their bread stuff endure?

Lucie bet on lightness, pent with fresh and dried tomatoes and garlic, goose with a thank you note and a seed to sprinkle. Martina loves a combination of pears, blue cheese and walnuts, so she decided to fill her bread with gorgonzola, farma marmalade and walnuts.

Jana comes from a family where they love bread and bake it often, but they prefer to have it with a good spread, they would not fill it. She decided to try the tried-and-tested combination of bacon and edar and the bread of hell on the stone, as he used to from home to pkn naskoil. And Markta, who makes a lot of bread for the family, bet on bacon, because the taste of bread is the best.

After all, juror Ma Landov explained that she should be tuna, not water, so as not to release the water into the dough. And Pepa Marlek was wondering if some of the contestants would be able to bake torn bread with an effective layered filling, because we don’t even want it.

On the left is bread from Markta, from Lucky, from Martina, and the one on the right is from Jana.

And after two hours, it was clear how the baker had dealt with the loaf of bread within the two-hour limit. Markta showed a roast, and nicely decorated, as well as a beautifully decorated vegetable, and she has obviously tried food carving at some time. There are only two hours on the top of both loaves, as soon as Markt got away, the bread is not the first.

Lucky bread, on the other hand, looked pretty off, and Marlek appreciated that he had laboriously put it in two elongated forms. Chuov was excellent, esnek was honored so the chore. On the other hand, Martina’s bread was tasted so that the jury just didn’t like it, although the ingredients themselves were luxurious. It’s peplcan and a lot of rides needed work, it’s untouchable, they stated what Martina was getting over.

On the other hand, Janin’s bread thrilled at first sight and the bath was bought when Pepa Marlek put it down and softened it slightly, as is captured in the water video. Kupal i pi kren and kupal shout thrilled at the tasters.

The technical challenge was the Hungarian cake

The so-called The cake for the first time was baked in Budapest at the end of the 19th century by Jzsef Dobos (who revealed his recipe when he retired in 1906) and not only impressed with its great ambient taste combined with caramel, it was also durable, which was a huge advantage at the time. And so this cake, which was loved by Empress Sisi, is one of such sugar gems as Sachr.

Janin Dobov cake (full right) was clearly the best.

It is typical for the period cake that the individual pike plates are baked separately and during the assembly of the cake they are thoroughly washed with the fodder of the surrounding butter and quality fruits, and the individual layers are also visible on the cut. The top plate is also covered with caramel and the knife (spread with eg butter) is cut into twelve portions before the caramel hardens. In addition, the riders had to decorate the cake in the lower part around the lace with laundered sweet mesh.

When Markta, Jana, Lucie and Martina were waiting for the jury’s verdict on how they managed this difficult sugar test, Josef Marlek and Mou Landová were surprised at first sight by the time their Dobo’s cakes looked like. Jana managed it best and Josef Marlek did not forgive himself for noting that such a cake will be made somewhere in the confectionery, not only in Budapest.

The creative challenge was very nron

Cake with a surprise. The challenge at which all three American sweets wanted to show off. The motif of Africa was here twice, with Markta and Jana, Martina bet on dissolved dolphins, in love, only a year married Lucie bet on hearts. In addition, the cake had to look minimalist, but after the cut, the jury could be seated on the ass.

On the left, Lucina’s cake in love, on the right, Martin’s cake with dolphins.

Lucia did it perfectly. Her cake had a reddish heart, and she began to blame the interlayer of the fodder layer, which was dead. Martin didn’t make it to death with the dolphins, because she didn’t remember where the cake needed to be cut in order for the typical dolphin outline to appear on the cut.

Two cakes inspired by Africa, on the left the one from Markta, on the right from Jana.

Markta was not very enthusiastic about her African motif on the cut, even though she was supposed to take it minimalistically. Combined with the meat feed, it caused a catastrophe when first evaluating an otherwise beautiful cake with zebra, irafm and cheetah pattern, both halved of the sun fell out of the cake with a clap. According to Josef Marlek, if the sun were made of elatine, the furnace would behave only slightly differently. Markta didn’t know it as an amateur, but she’ll probably never forget it.

Janin’s cake in the shape of a light concrete prism with the outline of Africa impressed with a truly minimalist concept and African motifs on the cut, especially an elephant and a hippo in the middle. Jana was able to rest, surprised at the time she succeeded. Like the whole round, thanks to emu she advanced to the finale like a baking week. ikovn and zkuen pekaka Markta do not get to the finale unfortunately.