On the Don, on the eve of the Great Victory Day, it has become a good tradition to create a festive mood for veterans of the Great Patriotic War, people who defeated fascism.

Due to age and health status, not all of our heroes can attend the Victory Parade, but grateful descendants have solved this problem – a mini-parade or a personal concert takes place right in the yards where veterans live.

As part of the All-Russian campaign “Frontline Brigade”, artists, music and dance groups, volunteers come to the courtyard on a lorry and create a festive atmosphere by singing songs about colleagues, exploits and the Great Victory in the spring of 1945, beloved and dear to the heart. The classics of the war years, modern poems and songs on military topics, romances sound.

“Dark Night”, “Katyusha” and at the same time solemn and thought-provoking favorite song “Victory Day” are sung with tears in their eyes by everyone who came to congratulate dear veterans.

Today, May 7, the creative “front-line team” came with a personal concert to the veteran of the Great Patriotic War Vasily Sidorovich Balanutsa. Vasily Sidorovich was drafted into the Soviet Army in April 1944. He served as a scout-observer in a reserve rifle regiment on the First Ukrainian Front. From October 1944 he served in the 163rd howitzer artillery brigade. Participated in the breakthrough of defense on the southeastern border of Germany, the liberation of Prague and the storming of Berlin.

  • Until May 9, “front-line brigades” will congratulate 37 veterans of the Great Patriotic War in the Don capital. In the Rostov region, performances by creative teams will continue on Victory Day. In total, more than 100 such concerts will be held in the region,” said Deputy Governor Artem Khokhlov.

The action “Frontline Brigades” is held with the support of the Committee for Youth Policy of the Rostov Region and the Rostovpatriotcenter.

Source donland.ru