Let me send greetings from sunny Spain to my friends. My bitch Remi and I had a fight. What do you think won? In my opinion, it is a draw in the end, but we don’t need it very much, mainly we are together and it’s very nice. Perhaps there is such a good mood in vs, and you are nowhere, he said after breaking up with Kateina Bro Jaromr Soukupat that time in a villa in the south of Spain.

During those years, Marbella will spend her vacation with her new lover, whom she has forged a lot. Agta Hanychov with darkness but no problem, on the contrary, very happy to go with new partners on vacation.

What makes horror and horror imaginations known to Jin, don’t let the ice model calm down. On the contrary, I believe that time together is a great way to get to know the other person, to reveal his hidden defects or, conversely, advantages that the hunter would not otherwise notice.

In addition, Agta is sure that she will definitely not be bored on the Iberian Island. Which is always better, because when I have a long time, it usually starts to grind out the most beautiful beverages, which is the best way to hell.

This is how Jaromr Soukup let himself be revealed three years ago in Spain.

Spain can be found somewhere near the skin, but you know that after a few days it will get cold. Without sports, don’t even go on vacation. So I took the bike and set off on the bike path, informed the weekly Sedmika Soukup during his holidays in 2019.

They love local bikes, which is why you will find some basic equipment in every shop and, in the event of a breakdown, everyone will be happy. If they have a positive attitude towards cycling, it is great, but it is positive for everyone: it is fast, cheap, long for something healthy. And it’s considerate to prod, added a moderator who can’t be blamed for the south of Spain. Like my new romnek.

Agta Hanychov from France, where he rides a board, pellets to Spain.

I am glad that I am interested in my relationship, it shows that we are not indifferent to me. Don’t learn spiciness from me, Soukup smiles.

Not sm who fell in love with this corner of Spain. Simon Krainov, Monica Mareov or Andree Vereov, who have been on holiday here in the past, also fell in love with them. Tereza Kerndlov even shared a dm in nearby Estepon.