With the spring season comes optimism and the desire to experience and try something new. Fashion dictates that we not be afraid to shine, and a similar trend applies in makeup. Don’t expect any strict rules, it’s up to you whether you have the courage to look dramatic or prefer natural makeup. For inspiration, we will introduce you to several styles from fashion catwalks.

Lined game

Extravagant eyeliner keeps reporting. Maybe you remember photos of Marta Kubišová from the time before the former regime put her on the sidelines. The genius singer paid for the fashion icon of her time thanks to her bewitching eye make-up.

Make-up from the 60’s, the so-called goth style with eyes framed by dark shadows and a strong line turning into a dramatic curve, keep the parties, but even if age directs you to the category of mature women, you should not give up the lines.

Gigi Hadid - Maybelline New York