A miniskirt, a braless top and heels. Looking at the model Lucia Hadaová (35), no one would miss her, even in private she wears leggings, sweatpants and when I invite her. Where did miss miss go anyway?

Model Lucie Hadaov she avoids social events, modeling has almost become soft and takes care of two daughters and a house wife. She made an exception when she took a young child and went to the gardens of the maternity hospital in Podol, and they celebrated Children’s Day.

But she herself admitted that she shied away from her household duties, and then she has to rush home again to take care of the guests.

The model of a professional hockey player Jaroslav Bedna(45) this place, after being changed on the piers of Pehldko, was given over to the rearing of cattle and sheep.

Let’s take care of the neighbor’s land, who doesn’t farm it, so that they don’t have to cut grass there, we divided the invitations there. There are sheep and chickens. But it’s only in small amounts, revealed the sexy Lucka.

A model with an angel among the nurses, obstetrician Patrice Awonseba Baba Musah.

They will worry about their faces, because he and his husband decided to start a kennel for Jack Russell terrier dogs. What a hyperactive husband.

We want a kennel so that will be my dt, laughed the model and then answered if she would like to carry the baby.

Manel has two daughters together, Denisa and Vanessa.

She and Jaroslav do not want to try for their son, and they will rather concentrate on the new business, which they are very excited about, because they themselves have grown fond of this breed of dog.