The Ministry of Labor proposed to increase the availability of social services. To do this, the department is going to change the procedure for assessing the income of citizens.

Photo: pixabay

How reported on the website of the Ministry of Labor, changes may be made to the procedure for assessing the income of citizens who apply for free social services. The department proposes not to take into account a number of lump-sum and targeted payments, income from the labor activity of citizens with disabilities living in social hospitals and social contract funds.

It is also proposed that only the applicant, his spouse, minor children or children under the age of 23 years old if they are studying full-time will be included in the family composition when calculating income. In addition, citizens will no longer need to collect certificates to confirm income, all information will be automatically transferred between departments.

For example, now the family of an adult citizen with a disability includes his parents living together with him. Their income is also taken into account when determining the need, after the adoption of the new rules, the income of parents will not be taken into account.

Draft resolution published on the portal of legal acts. Since the main recipients of such services are citizens with disabilities, families with children and the elderly, in order to increase the availability of these services, it is proposed to exclude from accounting the income from labor activity received by citizens living in social hospitals, funds for imprisonment social contract, targeted subsidies, maternity capital funds, tax deductions, compensation for self-acquired rehabilitation means, care payments that are assigned to non-working citizens. That is, the procedure for accounting for income will be the same as when assigning child benefits.

The calculation of the average per capita income for receiving social services will be made based on the sum of incomes of all family members for the last 12 calendar months preceding one calendar month before the month of application and divided by 12 months. If the income for each family member is less than 1.5 living wages, then social services are provided free of charge.

The same procedure for calculating the average per capita income will be used to calculate the fee for inpatient services, which currently amounts to no more than 75% of the average per capita income. Social services include assistance with house cleaning and cooking, grocery shopping and home delivery, adaptive physical education classes, social and psychological counseling, social and psychological patronage, social rehabilitation activities and other services.