When you hear the words “Classical Music” does your mind lead towards the impressive Bach, or the likes of eastern composers such as Tchaikovsky. Does the versatility of Mozart land you in box seats to be enjoyed as if in the 1770’s? Will generations endeavor to find solace within these composers of yesteryear? As questions like these arise for the writer, it is imperative to continue the preservation of past and present artists throughout the coming years. Thanks to the internet, now more than ever it is entrusted on the human race to record and spread their music far and wide. Reaching any place that has suitable internet to stream these masters of the past.

Leading to such a preservation it is best for the reader to take their eyes upon Frédéric Chopin. Born in the year eighteen-ten, Frédéric resided in Warsaw Poland until his year twenty. Where upon he was touted as a child prodigy. Where if you know his works, the reader will understand the reason. Having nearly been dragged into the Cadet Revolution, Chopin made his way to Paris where he would reside and work upon his craft. There, only barely providing under 40 performances; Chopin took to the liking of selling his compositions and providing lessons to those of affluent coin. During his short life, Frederic was afflicted with illness and misfortunes of love. One such instance with a off and on lover proved to be a beneficial moment in his life for his compositional writing. Sadly Mr. Chopin passed at the age of thirty-nine in Paris. His legacy leading to a future of artists that sought his style and affluence. Furthermore the ballades that were produced proved to outlive their creator. Fashioning a style that pulled upon peoples hearts whilst speaking poetry to soothe and tame a troubled mind. Opening pathways of inspiration within the human psyche. Such a piece as Nocturne in C minor, B. 108 can thrust the listener into a realm of folk like candor, bringing about a light-hearted spring like ballade. Finishing the listener off with a Ouroboros completion.

As the people of earth continue to make conquest of land, sea, and air; it is within music that comfort is easily found during times of instability and the search of fortitude. As long as a person(s) may write, ballads and songs may be spread to those who would otherwise not have been introduced to such a savior. Frédéric Chopin since his birth and death graced the world with his abundant creativity in the crafting of a style that has met no rival since its composers early death. May it be a day of gloom and doom or a day of rejoice, Chopin can sign seal and deliver emotions caressed deep within the heart of man. Breaking down the most burly, further building up the down trodden. He is a man who’s life was cut short due to illness, bringing his music to further his name and soul through the hearts of man and woman time continuum. May these times of uncertainty bring you to the music of your forefathers making your heart and soul docile and at peace.