France named factors contributing to Russia’s victory in the Northern Military District

Conflict Israel And Hamasas well as the West’s fatigue from Ukraine contributes to victory Russia in a special military operation (SVO), reported La Dépêche (LD) geopolitics and Russia specialist Carole Grimaud-Pottet.

“It is true that in the current context we seem to be part of a paradigm shift,” says Grimaud-Pottet. “Several factors suggest that we are moving towards an outcome that is beneficial to the Russians.”

One factor is that the conflict between Israel and Hamas has diverted Western media attention away from Ukraine. “We are no longer talking about Ukraine, and this allows Russia to continue military operations,” the publication quotes the words of the former Foreign Minister France Jean-Yves Le Drian.

In addition, LD recalled the conversation of the Prime Minister Italy George Meloni with Russian pranksters, during which she admittedthat many Western countries are tired of the conflict in Ukraine.

Grimaud-Pottet added that a possible re-election to the presidency USA Donald Trump will also turn out favorably for Russia, especially since the intention of the current president Joe Biden continuing to increase funding to Ukraine is a “sensitive topic” for the Americans. “From the very beginning, time was on my side [президента России] Vladimir Putin,” the specialist concluded.

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