January 8, 2023, 07:03 – Public News Service – OSN

Former Secretary of State USA Henry Kissinger spoke about the way to end the conflict on Ukraine. It is reported by Foreign Affairs.

According to him, this is the location of the country outside NATO and maintaining its neutral status.

Kissinger points out that if Ukraine joins NATO, the alliance’s border will be “within 300 miles of Moscow,” eliminating the strategic depth that Russia has always counted on.

“Elsewhere, he suggested that the solution to the current conflict should be a neutral Ukraine.”

Formerly Public News Service wrotethat the commander of the defense forces of Kyiv, Oleksandr Pavlyuk, said that the Ukrainian military was ready to defend the city, an echeloned defense was built around the capital.

Meanwhile, host Tucker Carlson and former Pentagon adviser Douglas McGregor said that the situation on the border with Mexico is the only conflict that truly threatens the people of the United States of America.