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Former US intelligence officer Ritter: Civil war awaits Ukraine

Former American intelligence officer Scott Ritter, in an interview with the YouTube channel Gegenpol, said that Ukraine will face a civil war due to the continuation of the conflict with Russia.

According to him, this will be caused by a split between Vladimir Zelensky and his generals, as well as the lack of victories of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“A civil war could break out in Ukraine when those who do not want to surrender attack people who want to surrender,” he emphasized. And he noted that at the moment there are two camps in Ukraine – for and against the continuation of the conflict.

The special military operation began on February 24, 2022 by decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Previously Public News Service wrotethat Russia has managed to develop such effective electronic warfare systems that the unmanned aerial vehicles and missiles used by Kiev are significantly losing their effectiveness.

This assessment of Russian electronic warfare systems was given by Ukrainian Armed Forces General Sergei Krivonos.

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