The ex-soccer player and also businessman david beckham He is one of the idols of the sport of football throughout England, since his career in Europe was very successful, going down in the history of the British country. Currently, the United Kingdom witnessed a new coronation last May 6th where he was crowned King Charles III and his wife Camilla Parker beginning a new stage of monarchy that will be carried out by the son of the deceased Queen isabel II.

Many were the famous and representative guests who attended the coronation of the monarch, who carried out a calm coronation without any problem as he expected. Likewise, there were many gifts that King Carlos III received at his coronation, some very luxurious and others very symbolic that represent the affection or appreciation they have for the current monarch, but without a doubt one of the most original and rare that he could have received. it was the one of former soccer player David Beckham who gave him a curious detail.

The ex-soccer player and the monarch coincided in the United Kingdom at the award ceremony queen elizabeth ii which was presented by King Carlos III; However, in the middle of this gala, the ex-soccer player and the businessman exchanged a few words and chatted for a while and it was there that he handed him a jar of honey as a gift for his coronation explaining that he had made it himself with his own hands.

Although this detail may have been a bit strange and curious for King Carlos III, he received it in a good way, making the work and time spent by the footballer making this gift valuable.