Former Wagner fighter Andrei Medvedev announced at least ten extrajudicial executions of mercenaries who refused to fight in Ukraine. About this he told journalists from The Insider.

How to kill mercenaries. Medvedev told reporters that he had a video of the execution of two people. At the same time, two out of ten executed were not prisoners who were recruited in the colonies. According to the ex-fighter of the PMC, he personally attended several executions.

According to the former mercenary, several wounded fighters arrived at the hospital and tried to escape from there. They were detained, after which the MED group, a unit under the “security service” of the Wagner PMC, came to them, Medvedev specified. Members of the group shot all the fighters who tried to escape from the front.

In a conversation with reporters, Medvedev said that the MED is engaged in “zeroing”. “They take the boys and [убивают] either in a public way, or in a non-public way, as it was with Nuzhin, ”the ex-mercenary specified.

What happens to the prisoners at the front. A former PMC fighter said that he was the commander of Yevgeny Nuzhin, a recruited Russian prisoner who executed Mercenaries “Wagner” with a sledgehammer.

Prisoners began arriving at the front in August, but “were updated every week,” says Medvedev. He also added that the 4th platoon of “suicide bombers” was formed in the ranks of the PMC – a combat unit where the mercenaries who were at fault were sent. “And in a few days, three people out of thirty remained from the platoon,” Medvedev said.

What is known about Medvedev. The identity of the ex-mercenary was confirmed by the head of the human rights project Vladimir Osechkin. Previously, the project’s telegram channel had published Andrey Medvedev’s message.

He left the location of his unit after the commanders, without his consent, extended his four-month contract twice – first to six months, and then to eight.

According to Medvedev, after that he is pursued by the “security service” of the Wagner PMC, which is assisted by law enforcement agencies. According to, after recording the appeal, the police detained Medvedev in the Moscow region and filed it under a different name in order to hand it over to the Wagner PMC for “reprisal”.

Medvedev also told The Insider that if something happened to him, the video of the execution of two mercenaries in the Lugansk region would be released.

What you need to know. Former human rights activist Olga Romanova told We Can Explain that it knows about 40 executions of prisoners who were sent to the front.

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