The American authorities should convey to the Ukrainian leadership that the West will continue to transmit weapons for the Armed Forces only if Kyiv resumes negotiations with Moscow, follows from the statement of the ex-CIA analyst Fred Flutz.

According to him, the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky should initiate peace talks. As the former CIA officer explained, such a step is necessary to end the hostilities.

“I don’t want the West to be drawn into a never-ending conflict,” Fleitz said in an interview. Newsmax.

He also added that the United States, providing military assistance to Kyiv, is depleting stocks of critical weapons. In addition, the ex-CIA analyst called for careful monitoring of how the Ukrainian authorities distribute funding allocated by the West.

Earlier, the Washington Post reported that the United States and the European Union faced a serious challenge amid the depletion of stocks of equipment to be sent to Ukraine.