A former member of bts will return to the group together with the release of the anthology album ‘proof’, which will be released on June 10 worldwide. Who is it about?

BTS debuted under the label of bighit, but before Jimin, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jungkook, v Y MR Like the members we know today, there were other rappers who were the original members at the beginning of the project. However, after changing plans to debut as an idol group, the “original” BTS members withdrew.

But now, and through the official networks of HYBE, BTS has revealed the official tracklist for the three albums that will make up “PROOF,” each including tracks, demos, hits, and a new song for their comeback. and that is where the return of what would be considered a former member of the group will also be seen: The rapper Supreme Boy.

Supreme Boi is a rapper who has produced and participated in the composition of many BTS songs during their early years, he was one of the original members who remained with MR at the beginning of the project. His collaboration in “Cypher PT.3:KILLER” will be included in Proof and will mark the return of one of the original members of Bangtan.

ARMY She is very excited about this news and can’t wait for the date to be able to enjoy all these songs and collaborations that will have many surprises for everyone.

In addition, he was credited in several PROOF songs that he participated in with BTS. Adora will also be included, the young woman considered as the eighth member, since she has done choirs and has also worked on her albums. Some fans are excited for Supreme Boi’s return, as she will be joining the rapline with a new version of this song.