Magick word, it can be played a lot and be afraid of it like an ert ke. Karel Vgner’s ex-partner (45), former model Zuzana Augustin Polkov (40), however, pipped her with an open mouth and in great style. The opulent party, which took place at the Bon Repos estate, where Pee’s show was broadcast throughout the country, looked like a luxurious wedding drawn from a foreign magazine about housing and lifestyle. Pepa Vgner (32) sang the song of friend Monika Babiov (47), the flower decoration was taken care of by famous florist Ivan Ablatura, and the festive menu and typatrov’s cake by Markta Krajoviov were perfect.

Beautiful decoration, beautiful environment, full of bees and new encounters, summed up the birthday party Zuzany Augustin Polkov one of their friends, the well-known photographer Jaroslav Urban.

The medieval-style party held at the Bon Repos estate was thought out to the last detail. It was obvious that she was an ex-partner Karl Vgnerwith him I have a son Karel, my business is full of experience and time in what and how.

The birthday celebration of Karel Vgner’s ex-partner Zuzana Augustin Polkov was held at the Bon Repos estate, where Pee was all over the place.

The guest who sang the bhem veera Josef Wegnerenjoyed selected delicacies.

We tried buffalo burrata, salmon tartare, but also bucatini with black rope and pecorino or grilled wolf moose with campari orange sauce and pitipana made from chard and sweet potatoes.

Dessert was a birthday cake made by the famous confectioner Markta Krajoviov.

At the birthday celebration of Karel Vgner’s ex-partner Zuzana Augustin Polkov, delicacies were served.

Poas was at number one, so Polkov’s birthday party was at number one. Eat a good friend Monika Babiová we didn’t see it, but that doesn’t mean that the houses didn’t celebrate together.

Surprisingly, Karel Vgner and Simona Krainová were also missing, which was not so surprising in the final. Despite the fact that the Vgner clan was represented not only by Pep but also by his son Polkov, who coincidentally is named Karel after his father.